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Allentown ReEngagement Center

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Jon Fenner, Program Manager:


What is the Allentown ReEngagement Center?
The Allentown ReEngagement Center is designed to bring the students who have dropped out of school back into the educational setting, so they can earn their diploma or GED.
When and where will the ReEngagement Center open?
The ReEngagement Center opened on September 8, 2015 and is located at the District’s William Penn Building at 401 Allen Street.
What will the ReEngagement Center offer students?
The Center is a one-stop shop for students that provides a welcoming and supportive environment. Each student receives case-managed support and strong career support, as well as a flexible academic program individually tailored to meet the needs of the student.
What is the referral and enrollment process?
Students can contact or visit the Center on their own or be referred to the Center by another. Center staff reviews each students transcripts and develops an individualized plan that enrolls the student in the best program that fits them. The staff continues to provide support to students after enrollment to provide each student the support needed to keep them on track to graduate.

What is the goal of the ReEngagement Center?
The goal of the ASD Re-Engagement Center is to invite dis-engaged youth ages 16-24 to re-enroll in school or GED in a program that is personalized to meet their needs to succeed. This Center will look to re-engage disassociated youth, i.e., former students that have dropped out of school and will provide the necessary programming to attain a high school diploma, and in some cases, help students achieve a post-secondary degree.

Why is a Re-Engagement Center important to the community?
High School graduates are likely to work, pay into the local tax base and drive the local economy. In contrast, a high school dropout will cost a community an average of $292,000 over his/her lifetime based on incarceration rates, need for public assistance and lost tax revenue.
What is ASD already doing?
Although the ReEngagement Center is a new endeavor for the Allentown School District, the District has focused on drop-out prevention programming efforts – identifying students before they drop out and helping them get back on track, academically and socially.
Who is involved in developing the Allentown ReEngagement Center?
The ReEngagement Center is a vital collaboration between the Allentown School District, Communities In Schools (CIS), and the Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board (LVWIB).